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XCD-069 cover artwork

Marc Hannaford | Polar

In the words of Marc Hannaford, "POLAR is about exploration: the exploration of space through sound, utilizing either improvisation or composition." This is music created by a pianist who is not afrai...

XCD-067 cover artwork

Claudio Parodi | The Mother of All Feedback

“The Mother of All Feedback” reveals a side of CLAUDIO PARODI that is normally only heard at his live concerts. In addition, it shows a musician with incredible improvising ability who can...

XCD-066 cover artwork

The Antripodean Collective | Funcall

(setf (gethash 'funcall) '("Funcall" arrives)) (setf (gethash 'funcall) '(four great Australian musicians at the top of their game)) (setf (gethash 'funcall) '(set free in the studio to create as the...

XDVD-002 cover artwork

Dario Buccino | Corpo Nostro

“Corpo Nostro” is a complete experience! DARIO BUCCINO delivers to the world a creation that is so exciting, so innovative and so well resolved that it seems he has been doing this for yea...